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Miami is home to beautiful reefs and wonderful wrecks. With our water temperatures ranging from 69 degrees in the dead of winter to 85 degrees during summer, Miami is a perfect place to dive year-round. Deco Divers likes to take advantage of all of the sites that Miami has to offer. Here are just a few of the places we go to regularly.

Most of our trips are scheduled as two location dives. Each site is different and unique in its own way. View our monthly schedule to see our upcoming trips. Occasionally, we may need to change locations (but not depth) due to current weather and/or site conditions.

We have trips scheduled every day except for Mondays. We will be happy to accommodate your needs and schedule special or private trips and charters for you.

At Deco Divers, we welcome divers of all experience levels. We ask that you bring your certification card and or log book when checking in.

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Dive Shipwrecks in Miami, Florida Miami has a wonderful collection of artificial wrecks and dive sites that usually make for an exciting dive. Deco Divers regularly visits shallow wrecks like the Belzona and the Belcher Barge, as well as takes more experienced divers to deeper wrecks, such as the Princess Britney, the Ophelia Brian and […]


Dive Reefs in Miami, Florida The reefs along Miami’s coast are teeming with life! Our beautiful reefs are shallow, sitting between 15 and 30 feet below the surface and are perfect for new divers, snorkelers, or experienced divers who just want to enjoy the water. Plentiful corals and sponges provide a home to juvenile tropical […]

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Snorkel Trips in Miami, Florida With most of our reefs being situated in 15-30 feet of water, snorkelers are able to enjoy and experience all that the ocean has to offer! Snorkelers will see hard and soft corals as well as a wide array of marine life. Parrotfish, angelfish, and snapper are just a very […]

Private Trips and Charters

Charter Boat Tours in Miami, Florida There is nothing like experiencing Miami from the water. Deco Divers is happy to help you experience the water in whatever way suits your style. We can schedule private dives, snorkel trips, bay tours, or even a sunset cruise. You tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll try […]

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