Dive Locations

Dive Locations in Miami, Florida

Belcher Barge

This is one of our Sunday favorites! Part of the “wreck trek”, the Belcher Barge is a 195ft steel barge that was sunk in 1985. On the way to the bottom of the ocean, it turned over. The four corners of the barge are open and experienced divers can swim inside. There is a lot of life on the Belcher. We often see spotted eagle rays, stingrays, Goliath grouper, and tarpon on this wreck.


The Belzona One is an 85-ft oceangoing tug that was sunk in May 1990 and sits upright. The Belzone Two lost its roof to a hurricane and lies in 60-ft of water. Belzone Three is a 100-ft tug in 85-ft of water. All three can be visited, along with the Belcher Barge #27, on the ‘wreck trek’.

Proteus 50-70 FT (15-21 M)

Sunk in 1985, the Proteus, is a 220-ft steel freighter with its superstructure removed. Hurricane Andrew broke the Proteus in half in 1992, with the bow and stern facing the same direction, the mid-ship flattened and the bow on its side. The abundance of growth on the Proteus provides a habitat for fish, offering excellent photographic opportunities.

Army Tanks : 50ft

In 1994, two Vietnam War era M60 Army Tanks were sunk just off of Miami Beach. Since then, they have become home to a variety of hard and soft corals, fish and other marine life. If you’re in the mood to catch some dinner, the Army Tanks have many good hiding spots for Florida Lobsters!

Pipes: 45 – 55ft

Just what it sounds like: The Pipes are left over sewage pipes that were placed as a reef. The pipes are large enough to swim through (if you can navigate through all of the gorgonians lining the inner walls!) and are covered in growth. It is a wonderful dive, especially at night when the cephalopods come out to play!

Neptune Memorial Reef : 25-40 FT (8-12 M)

Sitting 40 feet below the waters of Key Biscayne, the Neptune Memorial Reef is the artistic representation of the Lost City of Atlantis. Aside from the towering pillars, giant lion statues and beautiful stone structures, there is an abundance of marine life that like to call Neptune their home.

Orion 70-95FT (22-29 M)

The Orion is a steel hulled tug boat that was sunk in 1981. There is an abundance of coral and sponge growing on the wreck and schools of fish and other marine life frequent the wreck as well. Always a beautiful dive!

Ophelia Brian 85ft – 110 FT

This wreck is a 210 ft freighter that was sunk in 2009. It is a sister ship to the Ultra Freeze and the Deep Freeze. Along with being home to some beautiful marine life, the Ophelia Brian is also home to a piece of the fuselage of the Spirit of Miami, a Boeing 727 that was sunk in 1993.

Sheri-Lyn 70-95FT (22-29M)

The Dutch-built Sheri-Lyn was a 265-ft steel freighter that was sunk and was later torn apart by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Its bow section now lies 60-ft from the remainder of the wreck. The cargo area is immense and large holes were cut through several bulkheads prior to sinking to give divers room to explore. The wreck is home to barracuda and Goliath Grouper, amongst other pelagic creatures.

Tacoma 80-110FT (24-34 M)

The Tacoma was a 186-ft steel freighter that was seized by US Customs and sunk in February 2002. Because it is not a hugely popular dive, larger marine life can be seen roaming the wreck.

Tortuga 95-110FT (27-33 M)

The 165ft long Tortuga was sunk in April 1995 for the movie Fair Game. She settled upright in 110-ft of water with her upper deck at 90-ft. This wreck is much easier to penetrate than most other sites in the area and boasts a ton of growth and marine life.

Princess Britney 50-85FT (15-26M)

The Princess Britney is a 165 Freighter that was seized by US Customs for drug smuggling and was sunk in April 2003.

DEMA Trader 55-80FT (20-26M)

The DEMA Trader is a 165ft freighter named for the Diving Equipment Marketing Association convention that was held in Miami Beach in 2003. After being seized by US Customs, the freighter was sunk. Large openings were cut in the sides of the freighter to allow for penetration.

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